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Mr. Doak- Music Instructor
Mister Doak is a childrens/family oriented performer/songwriter/recording artist and has been a favorite among the youngest set in the Nashville, TN, area for several years. Born in Texas, his influences range from Woody Guthrie to the Beatles to PeeWee Herman to Roy Rogers.
His music is a little bit Pop, a little bit Country, a touch of Rock, a tinge of Django, it’s Bluesy, it’s Folkie, with some Caribbean and Rap thrown in the mix. Entertaining and unique, Mister Doak appeals to the intellect and memory of older generations while specializing in “keeping an ear to carpet” for the little dudes and dudettes.
Listen Below to Mr. Doak's "I Feel Happy" Song

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To learn more about Mr. Doak and to listen to his cool songs please visit his webiste:  

Fun with Music with Mr. Doak

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