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History of YCS

Calvary Young Children’s School (YCS) is a ministry of Calvary United Methodist Church and is considered to be an outreach to the community that provides education and care for the children who attend. This occurs within the educational belief that all children are entitled to a quality learning experience, acknowledging that the best way for this to occur is for the school and family to work together for the good of the child. The YCS is overseen and guided by a Board of Directors and the Minister to Children and Their Families as well as various committees of the church and the Senior Pastor.
The school began in the fall of 1968 with three classes of 3, 4 and 5 year olds, 29 children, 2 teachers and one director/teacher. YCS was granted a license in 1968 by the Tennessee Department of Human Services and has remained a licensed school to this day.
Additionally, in 1973, another program began, the Mother’s Day Out (later called the Parents Day Out), providing care for children ranging in age from 10 months to three years old. The Parent’s Day Out program and the Young Children’s School were combined in 1979 and, after another name change, began being called its current name of Calvary Young Children’s School in 2001.  
The school has seen great growth and change through the years. The age groups served (6 weeks to 5 years), the choice in hours attending (Before Care, the Program Day, After Care or any combination), the number of teaching and administrative staff (currently 42), and the number of children/families served (currently 160 children and 130 families). In its history, the YCS was accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and although choosing to not continue its NAEYC accreditation, the school still follows the standards and guidelines for excellence as mandated for a nationally accredited program.
The YCS is a 3-star program under the description of the Star Quality Rating system, mandated by the Department of Human Services for all licensed programs serving children in the state. Though much has changed since 1968 when the program began, it is focused on one mission – our ministry to provide a quality education for each child in a safe and nurturing environment where children learn about their world through hands-on discovery and play while focusing on the development of all the areas of growth for a child - physically, emotionally, socially, cognitively, language development and the opportunity to grow creatively while encouraging each child to learn the important skills of problem solving, self-help ability and self-regulation of their own behavior.