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Photo Galleries

Title Category Photos Description
Trunk or Treat Children 90 Trunk or Treat from 10/30/13 
Children's Musical 2013 Children 28 CHildrens Musical 
Honeybees Photo Gallery YCS 5 See what all the Buzzzz is about... 
Fun with Music with Mr. Doak YCS 6  
Turtles Photo Gallery YCS 14 Turtle Photo Gallery 
Butterflies Photo Gallery YCS 5 Butterflies Photo Gallery 
Zebra Photo Gallery YCS 7 Zebra Photo Gallery 
Giraffe Photo Gallery YCS 7 Giraffe Photo Gallery 
Ladybugs Photo Gallery YCS 12 Ladybugs Photo Gallery 
Lions Photo Gallery YCS 9 Lions Photo Gallery 
Lamb Photo Gallery YCS 6 Lamb Photo Gallery 
Panda Classroom Photo Gallery YCS 13 Panda Classroom Photo Gallery 
Tiger's Photo Gallery YCS 11 Tiger's Learn About Transportation: How high and fast can an airplane fly? And Tiger's Fancy Nan... 
Penguins Classroom Photo Gallery YCS 5 Penguin Classroom Photo Gallery 
Monkeys Photo Gallery YCS 11 Monkey Classroom Photo Gallery 
Facilities YCS 18 YCS Facilities 
Estonia Christmas Cards Missions 11  
Choir Tour 11 Youth 11 Pictures from our trip to St Louis 
Choir tour 2010 Youth 20 from panama city 
Ski Trip 2010 Youth 18 Youth Ski Trip 2010 
ASP 2009 Youth 50 ASP 2009 
YCS YCS 38 Pictures from the Young Children's School 
Youth Youth 25 Pictures of Youth Group