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From Our Hill

FOH August 22, 2014        Click here for full issue

Dear Friends,

     Before long, in fact in less than a month from now, Calvary’s Wednesday night meal, fellowship, and program time will return.  You know this seasonal weekly event as FEAST; and, on Wednesday, September, 10, FEAST begins!  However, this year we are trying something new with FEAST.

     This past March and April, I was extremely encouraged and spiritually enriched by our practice of worshipping together on Wednesday nights as our FEAST activity during the season of Lent.  It was a real treat to worship, share holy communion, and hear a variety of preachers.  Plus, attendance at Wednesday worship rose well past that of our usual FEAST crowds, including some folks who aren’t usually present on a Sunday morning.  This positive experience gave me an idea:  what if we offered worship on Wednesday evening on a more regular basis?  So, after contemplation and consultation, we are going to try something new for FEAST this fall.

     Beginning on September 10, FEAST will offer a meal at 5:15 PM (note this earlier start time) and worship beginning at 6:00 PM.  Worship will be in the Sanctuary, will conclude by 6:45 PM, and include the celebration of holy communion each week.  Nursery care will be available but we hope children and youth will feel at home in this new time of FEAST worship.

     As a feature of FEAST worship, we will focus on different sermon series about various topics, with each series lasting three or four weeks.  I will preach frequently, though this format will also allow us to hear the good news from other pastoral voices, as well.  We will also have the opportunity to experience the rich variety of musical gifts that are part of the Calvary congregation.  I’m very excited about the possibilities!

     To kick off FEAST worship for the fall, I’ll be preaching our first series which will be “CONCRETE:  Ways Being a Christian Makes a Difference.”  I genuinely feel like God is calling us to explore this new opportunity.  My hope is that it will enrich the spiritual lives of current Calvary folks and perhaps open an avenue for new people into life with Christ through our church.  Your prayers and support of this endeavor are most welcome.  I think it’s going to be great and I’m looking forward to FEASTing with you!

God’s Peace,
Pastor Bryan Brooks