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From Our Hill

FOH July 25, 2014        Click here for full issue

Dear Friends,

     I’m sure you’ve heard the old – but true – cliché that “the family that prays together stays together.”  It’s not a bad rule of thumb for families and churches.  So now, if you will permit me to sound a little silly, I propose that a good corollary to that rule is “the family that plays together stays together.”  Over the next few weeks, we have a couple of special opportunities to “play together” as  a congregation.

      This Sunday night, July 27, is Calvary UMC Night at the Nashville Sounds!  The gates open at 5:35 PM and the first pitch is at 6:35 PM.  We haven’t been to a Sounds baseball game in a couple of years as a congregation, so this will be a good time to renew the tradition.  We have a section of tickets reserved.  On the web, go to or find the link to purchase tickets at  You can also call 615-690-HITS for tickets.  Seats are $10 each.  So far, we have about 60 people signed up and there is room for more.  This is the final year that the Sounds will play at Greer Stadium; did you know that Calvary has a special connection to that ballpark?  It is named after the late Herschel Greer, a Nashville community leader, a member of Calvary, and the father of current Calvary member Mr. Lynn Greer.  I love going to a ballgame and the special connection among the stadium, the Greer family, and Calvary just makes it that much more appropriate for us to go enjoy an evening together.

     Looking down the road a few weeks, we have another opportunity to enjoy some good times together.  On Sunday afternoon, August 10, we will gather for our annual “Back to Calvary” Picnic.  It marks the kick-off of a new school year as well as a new year of ministry with our children and youth.  This year, however, we are looking at the Back to Calvary Picnic not only as a way to spend an afternoon together, but also to reach out to our neighbors.  To that end, the Back to Calvary Picnic will be held at Sevier Park in the 12 South neighborhood.  As you may know, 12 South has experienced significant renewal in recent years.  New residents and new businesses have come.  The old Waverly-Belmont School is set to reopen in the near future.  A new community center at Sevier Park just opened in the last month or so.  This year Back to Calvary will not only be a time to have fun, play games, visit, and enjoy a terrific cook-out; it will be a chance for Calvary to renew a relationship with a resurgent neighborhood and, I hope, be a small but important step towards engaging 12 South in our mission as followers of Christ:  to worship God, follow Jesus, love you, and serve all.

     Come on out!  We’ve got one last fling at Greer Stadium with the Sounds this Sunday and a new opportunity to love our neighbors with Back to Calvary at Sevier Park on August 10.  It’s an amazing gift to be part of God’s family – to pray and play, together!

God’s peace to you,
Pastor Bryan Brooks