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From Our Hill

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FOH November 21, 2014

Dear Friends,

     Brrrrrr!  That is a pretty good description of how the weather has felt around here this week.  It has been cold!  Now, I confess that what’s cold for me can usually be addressed by turning up the heat, putting on a sweater, pulling on a stocking cap, slipping into my gloves, or zipping up a coat.  But, with the diving temperatures this week, I have been reminded that for so many of our neighbors, the casual actions I just mentioned aren’t casual at all.  They may not even be available options.

     You have probably seen news reports about the freezing weather and how it affects people who are in poverty, underserved, and/or homeless.  This early preview of winter has reminded me of the life-sustaining work done by ministries like Room-in-the-Inn, Open Table, and Community Care Fellowship, just to name a few with which our church has connections.  By the way, you can find out more about each of those particular ministries at their websites,,, and  Just a couple of weeks ago, Calvary began a new season of hosting homeless neighbors through Room-in-the-Inn on Friday nights from November through March.  Open Table is a ministry that seeks to disrupt cycles of poverty, work with the marginalized, and provide education about homelessness.  And, Community Care Fellowship is a remarkable ministry that provides meals, hygiene care, education, and many other means of support to some of our neighbors who are most in need.

     As winter continues to close in, when temperatures drop, when it is time to bump up the thermostat a degree or two, may we remember people all around us for whom the weather is not a trivial matter.  May we give thanks for all the ministries and services that do their best and invite us to join them to meet the dangerous, even deadly, challenges that harsh weather brings.  Our time, energy and gifts can make a life-or-death difference for individuals and households who suffer most when the air turns bitterly cold.  If you need help, care, warmth, please reach out and let us at Calvary know.  If you can help others navigate the cold days of winter, please do.  Because, when the weather outside is frightful…Jesus Christ’s command to attend to the needs of our neighbors rings out loud and clear.

Pastor Bryan Brooks