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From Our Hill

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FOH November 28, 2014

Dear Friends,

     I never get tired of pointing out that it is time for Christians to start saying, “Happy New Year,” now!  So, are we getting a head start like the retailers who put out Christmas decorations at the end of July?  Nope.  It really is a new year for Christians.  Many of you already know the reason:  this coming weekend is the first Sunday of Advent and for Christians that begins a new church year!

     Like many different parts of life, Christians are different (and are supposed to be).  We run on a different calendar.  Our lives, individual and communal, are not pegged only to the cycle of January through December.  We are called to another kind of chronological observance.  The cycle of our annual life is tied to the life of our Lord.  Our year begins in anticipation of Christ’s beginning, if you will, of his birth.  Actually, we start where we finished.  We conclude the Christian year with the Sunday of Christ the King, proclaiming that it is Jesus who rules over all in power and glory.  We start the year with Advent proclaiming the same thing.  Christ reigns through all times and seasons – who was and is and is to come.  Even time is subject to the power of God.

     So, this Sunday we begin with Advent.  We begin a new year with Jesus Christ, shaped by his life.  Calvary will mark this new season in many ways.  Sunday worship will include Hanging of the Greens and lighting of the Advent candle.  In this very newsletter you will find a calendar of activities and services that will fill our days in weeks ahead.  Plug in.  Sync up with God.  Remember that our life is linked with our Lord’s life.  It’s a good way to mark time; for Christians, it’s the best way.  So, Happy New (Christian) Year.  May the light of Jesus Christ fill your heart and guide your life this Advent season…and always.
Pastor Bryan Brooks