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From Our Hill

FOH September 19, 2014        Click here for full issue

Dear Friends,

“…Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.” –Matthew 15:15-16

     Those words from Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew are where Calvary draws inspiration for this 2014’s Stewardship Emphasis.  Annually, we take a few weeks to think about where we are, as a church and as individuals, in our expressions of Christian dedication.  Last Sunday in worship, Mr. Lance Lott introduced the theme that will help us focus during the four weeks ahead as we prepare for Consecration Sunday, our day of holy commitment on October 19.  “Letting Christ’s light shine through us at Calvary” is the theme that will be illuminated as we receive testimonies in worship and in print, take time to reflect on what we have done and what we hope to do, and invite God’s Spirit to lead us in making and renewing commitments for the coming year.

     As you know, this is Calvary’s mission statement:  “We seek to transform the world by worshiping God, following Jesus, loving you, and serving all.”  Over the next month, different members of Calvary will share how they experience Christ’s light shining in these areas of ministry.  It is powerful to hear and read what they share.  Each week in worship and in this newsletter (see page 4), listen and look for personal, tangible ways that our sisters and brothers follow and reflect God’s light.  On Sunday, October 5, we’ll distribute special notecards in worship and invite each of you to respond with your own testimony about where you see the light of Christ shining.

     We are entering a season of reflection, something God calls us to do and something Jesus Christ exemplified for us.  We reflect on how we are growing as Christ’s disciples; we reflect on how we are empowering Christ’s church called Calvary to do ministry in our neighborhood and far beyond; we focus on how we can enter what is often a darkened world and bring in illumination in the name of Jesus.  The light of Christ is shining.  By God’s grace, may it shine more and more brightly through us.
God’s Peace,
Pastor Bryan Brooks